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Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness

MHN's EAP member website includes powerful, convenient, easy-to-use health and wellness tools that help your employees set and achieve goals that can make them happier, healthier and more productive.

Tour the EAP Member Website

The EAP member website gives members easy access to tools and information that can reduce stress, improve physical and emotional health, and simplify a wide variety of work and life challenges.

Tools include an online health risk assessment and self-help programs for weight management, nutrition, smoking cessation and stress management. View our Get Started video for a quick tour of our EAP and the website features available to members:

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Website Enhancements for Greater Productivity

Our member website upgrade allows you to have an even more significant impact on employee wellness and productivity. It includes:

  • Site personalization - the site recognizes the user and provides customized content
  • An incentive engine - making it easy to set up a customized online incentive program that awards points to employees who take the health risk assessment, try one of the other self-help programs or make other positive behavioral changes
  • Superior online wellness tools for members, including self-help action generation programs, online forurms for stress, fitness, weight management and more, and tracks for calculating resting heart rate, body fat percentage, etc.

More Wellness Programs

For information about our personalized wellness coaching, click here.

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