Drug Diversion Program

Drug Diversion Program

OHS contracts with Stanislaus County to provide Drug Diversion services. Our program is geared towards offenders with a drug related offense.

Program Goals

The primary goal of the OHS Drug Diversion Program is to provide education and substance abuse treatment counseling and education that helps you conquer substance abuse issues and return to good health. Successful completion of the program can also help you avoid jail time.


The intake, assessment and enrollment process meets all requirements of the County PC-1000 Deferred Judgment program and its standards. After we receive a referral form from the court, we'll mail you a solicitation letter with program information, times available for enrollment and what you need to bring to your appointment.

To schedule an appointment call Stanislaus County (209) 552-3581 or (209) 552-3582, or click here. Our services are available in English and Spanish.

What to Expect

  1. Orientation. The orientation counselor will tell you everything you need to know about the program and help you select a schedule.
  2. Individual assessment. OHS counselors will use the Alcohol and Drug (ASI) Assessments to evaluate your alcohol/drug use. Once you understand where you are now, you can start making decisions about how you need to change and what it's going to take to get there.
  3. Individualized treatment plan. Based on your assessment, OHS will develop and present an individualized treatment plan for you.
  4. Individual counseling sessions. Program requirements include individual counseling sessions to guide you to successful completion of the program
  5. Group counseling sessions. You will be required to attend group counseling sessions, which focus on decision making, behaviors of addiction, positive lifestyle changes, understanding triggers, relapse prevention and other relevant topics
  6. Education sessions. Five two-hour education sessions are required, in accordance with County guidelines. These classes are a vital part of the Drug Diversion program, as they help you better understand the impact of drug use on your health, wellbeing, relationships and your ability to succeed in life.
  7. Self-help support meetings. You will also need to attend self-help support meetings.
  8. Individual exit interview. This interview will help us assess your progress, your risk of future incidents and provide a plan for staying drug free.

Family group sessions are also available, to help you rebuild family relationships.