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As a Member, you have the right to:

  • Receive information regarding MHN services and clinical guidelines
  • Call MHN for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Call "911" in an emergency
  • Ask questions about and see documentation of your Practitioner's credentials and experience
  • Receive prompt, competent and courteous treatment from all MHN staff and Practitioners
  • Discuss appropriate or medically necessary treatment options, regardless of cost or benefit coverage and obtain a clear explanation of MHN's criteria for determining medical necessity
  • Confidentiality of your medical records to the extent protected by state and federal law
  • Obtain an explanation regarding legally required exceptions to confidentiality
  • Receive a clear explanation from your Practitioner about the recommended Treatment Plan and length of treatment
  • Participate in decision-making regarding your treatment
  • Refuse or terminate treatment at any time
  • Be treated with respect and recognition of your dignity and need for privacy
  • Receive an explanation from your Practitioner of any consequences that may result from refusing treatment
  • Obtain a clear explanation of MHN's reasons for determining that care is not Medically Necessary
  • Appeal a denial
  • File complaints with MHN, or the California Department of Managed Health Care or applicable State Department of Insurance, if you experience problems with MHN or your Practitioner
  • Suggest ways to improve MHN Member Rights & Responsibilities policies and procedures
  • Receive a complete explanation of your fees and charges
As a Member, it is your responsibility to:
  • Consent to providing information (from you or your provider) needed by MHN and/or your provider, to provide proper treatment.
  • Actively participate in developing treatment goals and strategies for achieving those goals
  • Follow the Treatment Plans you have agreed upon with your Practitioner
  • Cancel appointments within the guidelines described by MHN or your Practitioner
  • Read your Evidence of Coverage or other material outlining your behavioral health benefits
  • Ask questions to ensure your understanding of Covered Services, limitations and any Authorization procedures, and comply with the rules and conditions as stated
  • Pay any Co-payments at the time of service
  • Demonstrate courtesy and respect to your Practitioner, the Practitioner's staff and MHN's employees, and expect similar treatment in return
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