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Work & Life Services

MHN provides telephonic guidance and referrals to help with all sorts of life challenges, benefiting your employees, reducing absenteeism and enhancing your company's productivity.

Performance and productivity slip when employees are experiencing financial chal­lenges. Help members develop good money management habits, resolve problems and build bright financial futures for themselves and their families.

The following services are included with MHN’s standard EAP solutions:

  • Telephonic consultations on subjects such as:
    • Credit counseling
    • Debt and budgeting assistance
    • Financial planning for college
    • Retirement planning
    • Investment advice, loans and bill payments not included
  • Access to online financial tools, calculators, worksheets and information on the EAP member website

Even the most mundane legal problems can be stressful - and expensive! The following services, included with MHN's standard EAP solutions, help members resolve legal problems expediently, for free or at a reduced cost.

  • A 30-minute telephonic (or face-to-face) consultation with a network attorney per separate legal matter relating to:
    • Civil, consumer and criminal law
    • Personal and family law, including adoption, divorce and custody issues
    • Financial matters
    • Real estate
    • Estate planning
  • Attorneys may offer a 25% discount on hourly rates for follow-up consultations (flat fees likely not discounted)
  • Access (on the EAP member website) to an online legal library and do-it-yourself legal forms, including wills, living wills and power of attorney forms

(Some limitations apply. For example, business matters are excluded. Disputes or actions between members and their employers or business partners or between members and MHN or Health Net are also excluded.)

Upgrade Option:

  • Premium Legal Services help members save even more on legal fees, with no cost consultations of up to 60 minutes.

Recovering from identity theft requires diligence, know-how and lots of time. The following services, included with MHN's standard EAP solutions, help victims of identity theft navigate the process, prevent further damage and recover their credit.

  • A 30-minute consultation with a certified consumer credit counselor who will assess the caller's situation, create an action plan and provide the knowledge and tools to implement the plan most effectively
  • If there is a potential of ID theft, we will warm transfer the caller to an identity recovery specialist who can advise victims on how to:
    • Place fraud alerts
    • Freeze credit
    • File police reports
    • Conduct other activities necessary to resolve fraud
  • An identity theft recovery packet of information

It's a challenge to balance family life with work. MHN helps members identify childcare and eldercare resources, create effective plans for managing family responsibilities, and simplify a broad range of tasks - from making travel arrangements to finding a reliable plumber.

Learn more about Childcare, Eldercare and Daily Living Services here.