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Childcare, Eldercare and Daily Living Services

How many of your employees are juggling work with family responsibilities and other daily living chores? The following services, included with MHN's standard EAP solutions, help lessen the load.

Childcare Assistance

  • Telephonic consultations to assess needs and options
  • Referrals to childcare resources (in two zip codes, within 12 business hours), including:
    • Childcare providers - family daycare, daycare centers, before- and after-school care, in-home care and care for children with special needs
    • Adoption assistance - agencies and attorneys
    • K-12 education options - public and private schools, tutoring, special needs
    • Colleges and universities - two-year and four-year private and public schools; continuing education
  • Online childcare directory and parenting articles

Eldercare Assistance

  • Telephonic consultation to assess healthcare needs, financial and legal concerns, living arrangements, care options, etc.
  • Referrals to eldercare providers and residential facilities (in two zip codes, within 12 business hours)
  • Online eldercare directory and caregiving articles

Daily Living Services

  • Telephonic consultation to assess needs and offer expert advice
  • Referrals to vendors that can help with everyday needs, including but not limited to:
    • Pet care
    • Landscaping
    • Auto repair
    • Home maintenance
    • Travel arrangements
    • Finding event tickets
    • Alternative medicine
    • Nutrition and fitness
    • Household services

MHN does not cover the cost nor guarantee delivery of daily living services.

Additional Services

Enhanced Work & Life Services (upgrade option) 

Saves members even more time and money, with:

  • Referrals to three to five confirmed provider openings for childcare and eldercare searches within 12 business hours, in multiple zip codes
  • Informational kits, based on member needs, which may include books, tip sheets, brochures, videos and/or interactive CDs
  • Also available with a Baby Kit option, which provides additional support for employees at a very special - and potentially stressful - time. The Baby Kit includes:
    • A pregnancy planner
    • Prenatal and infant health information
    • A baby bib and bath toy
    • Best-selling pregnancy and parenting books

Caregiver Assistance (upgrade option or available as stand-alone) 

Caring for aging parents can place an enormous burden on employees, which may result in lost time at work and diminished productivity.

Caregiver Assistance includes:

  • An onsite assessment of the elder's living environment and special needs by a credentialed care manager specializing in geriatric care
  • Exploration of housing options
  • Help developing a customized support plan
  • Help arranging for services from outside vendors that provide home health care, safety management, emergency response, health management, medication monitoring, meal delivery, housekeeping, grief counseling, etc.

Family Check-in Services (upgrade option or available as stand-alone) 

Includes regular, pre-scheduled phone calls from a check-in consultant to the children (or other dependents) of working parents who don't have the opportunity to make a daily call home. (If the family member is not reached within a specified time period, emergency contacts are right away.)