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Organizational Development

For workplace challenges that can't be resolved through training, particularly those that impact groups of employees or the company as a whole, MHN provides expert organizational development services.

An initial organizational development consultation is included as part of MHN’s standard EAP solution. In this telephonic consultation, we work with your manager, supervisor or HR staff to assess your company's organizational issues and recommend an action plan. We can also help you implement the plan, with the fee-for-service products described below.

An important first step in the organizational development consulting process is a needs assessment, involving onsite interviews of stakeholders and other key individuals and, subsequently, in-depth evaluation of issues impacting organizational effectiveness. This process includes capturing critical findings and developing recommendations that generally involve a combination of organizational development consulting and training services.

Group processing helps resolve issues that impact successful work group functioning, such as factions within a department or project team. Using an impartial approach, we can help a group identify root issues, generate accountability, resolve differences and channel discussions toward productive action. Participants benefit from increased trust, faster issue resolution and improved working relationships.

A support group can give employees an opportunity to share experiences and coping strategies while receiving encouragement, which can help them be more productive and better able to focus at work. MHN provides onsite (or telephonic, if preferred) support to help organizations develop, facilitate and sustain support groups (both clinical and non-clinical) in the workplace. Examples of topics include support for cancer survivors, layoff survivors, single parents and employees dealing with eldercare issues, and employees dealing with compassion fatigue/secondary traumatic stress.

Onsite (or telephonic, if preferred) coaching helps supervisors develop the essential skills to manage more efficiently. Coaching services provide managers with opportunities to practice new techniques and receive constructive feedback. Management⁄leadership coaching can benefit new managers, seasoned managers who need to set higher performance or behavioral standards for their teams, and managers who need more guidance on how to handle the disciplinary process.

A disengaged workforce, performance issues and employee turnover can drain company productivity and morale. MHN can help your human resources department with employee retention, engagement, recognition, performance and behavior management and more. We can also help you develop a comprehensive strategy for meeting your organization's training and development objectives.

We teach employees how to clarify the source of conflict, identify its impact, explore actions for resolution and implement the steps to bring about an appropriate resolution. Through information and practice, employees learn critical skills to resolve a variety of workplace issues while generating group cohesion and mutual respect. Your organization can benefit from increased productivity, improved morale and the avoidance of costly litigation.

We can train selected employees to become subject matter experts on various topics from substance abuse to diversity so that they can transfer that knowledge to other employees in an efficient, cost-effective manner. As part of our Train-the-Trainer Program, we also teach participants who to become engaging, effective presenters and facilitators.