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Substance Abuse Referrals

When a manager or supervisor suspects an employee is struggling with a substance abuse issue, chances are they could use some help addressing it. That's why MHN's standard EAP solution includes Substance Abuse Referrals.

MHN can help your managers quickly and efficiently address suspected substance abuse, benefitting employees and your company's bottom line.


MHN's Substance Abuse Referrals program is fully compliant with the National Substance Abuse Professional Network for members who fall under the Federal Department of Transportation regulations for workplace drug and alcohol testing. The process includes a face-to-face evaluation with a qualified substance abuse professional (SAP), written recommendations for treatment, coordination of all aspects of the compliance monitoring and reporting, a follow-up face-to-face evaluation, and written recommendations for a follow-up testing plan - all in accordance with DOT guidelines.

For employees who do not fall under DOT regulations, MHN's management consultants arrange for assessment and facilitate referrals to the employee's medical benefits.

*DOT-Complaint included with MHN's standard EAP, but also available as a stand-alone.