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Workplace Safety & Compliance

Keep employees safe and reduce your liability risk with MHN's Workplace Safety & Compliance workshops. Depending on your needs, workshops can target broad employee audiences or be tailored specifically for managers and supervisors.

The following topics can be covered in one-hour, two-hour or half-day workshops. We can help you determine what format is best for you. For more information or to schedule training, contact your MHN account manager, call (800) 327-7526 or email

This workshop prepares supervisors and managers for their role in maintaining a drug-free workplace - which involves implementing rules and regulations as well as intervening early and appropriately to ensure workplace safety. This two-hour workshop covers the impact of employee substance abuse on the workplace, organizational policies and procedures, alcohol and other abused drugs, strategies for confronting the employee and options for available resources.

This training satisfies Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for training employees subject to DOT regulations about substance abuse awareness, policies and procedures.

The impact of domestic violence spills over into the workplace in the form of employee performance and productivity and company security and liability concerns. When a manager or supervisor has been made aware of a potential threat, there is an obligation to respond in order to protect employees. This workshop offers guidelines for addressing domestic abuse concerns and resources for assistance and protection.

The language and behavior of colleagues toward people with disabilities often perpetuates stereotypes and causes offense. Organizations can counter negative behavior by raising awareness and understanding. They can also modify a few features of the work environment to accommodate disabilities. This program provides information about strategies that can be used to make the workplace more welcoming for employees with disabilities.

By being aware and practicing early intervention, your management team can significantly lower the risk of workplace violence in your company. In this workshop, participants will learn about the typical issues and common behaviors associated with workplace violence, and will learn strategies for counteracting and defusing potentially violent situations.

Everyone has a right to work in an environment free from harassment or intimidation. This program examines what constitutes harassment, what to do if harassment occurs, and the effects of harassment on legal, monetary and employee morale issues.

The managers⁄supervisor version also covers management's responsibility for communicating clear policies and reporting procedures and intervening appropriately to stop any form of harassment in the workplace. Additionally, the workshop addresses the legal ramifications of not taking action to prevent harassment and presents guidelines for conducting investigations.

This program examines the behaviors that can constitute sexual harassment, what to do if sexual harassment occurs, and the effects of sexual harassment on legal, monetary and employee morale issues. The manager⁄supervisor version uses interactive exercises and direct instruction to teach managers and supervisors about their vital role in creating a respectful, harassment-free work environment. Management will also learn techniques for effectively intervening to stop inappropriate workplace behavior.

A California AB 1825, AB 2053, AB 1661 and SB 396-compliant version of this workshop is also available for both employees and managers⁄supervisors.

Workplace bullying has become a growing concern for many organizations. Employers have a responsibility to confront and stop workplace bullying because of its negative impact on employee morale, productivity and wellbeing. This program provides management with resources and strategies to effectively manage this issue and instill professional courtesy and respect into the work environment. 

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For more information or to schedule training, contact your MHN account manager, call (800) 327-7526 or email