Benefits of Choosing a Network Provider

One of greatest benefits of being an MHN managed behavioral health member is that you have access to our excellent network of more than 63,000 providers. When you use an MHN network provider you get convenience, quality, superior service and lower out-of-pocket costs.

Choice & Convenience

  • With more than 23,000 providers in our network, we can almost always help you find a network provider to meet your needs.
  • When you use in network providers, there are no claims to file.

High Quality

  • In-network providers have been credentialed by MHN, so you know they meet high standards of education, training and experience.
  • When you use in-network providers, we're able to better manage your care.

Superior Service

  • If you're ever dissatisfied with the service of an in-network provider, MHN can easily step in to help, with everything from clinical concerns about treatment to administrative details such as scheduling to what's being charged for services. (Unfortunately, we have very little leverage to help if you're dissatisfied with the service of or involved in a dispute with an out-of-network provider.)
  • Our in-network providers know we track member satisfaction, and that their standing with us depends on it.

Lower Cost

  • In-network providers collect only the copayment from you. (Out-of-network providers generally demand the entire fee, usually at the time of service, and your portion of the cost is generally higher outside the network.)
  • Out-of-network providers can charge for services that are determined after the fact not to be medically necessary. (Network providers cannot.)
  • For details about your financial responsibility when you use out-of-network providers, inlcuding examples what you might pay in-network vs. out-of-network, see Understanding Out-of-Network Benefits.