Claims Submission

Using Ability (formerly MD On-Line)

Now, you can qualify to submit electronic claims directly to MHN for FREE! Visit Ability to register today to begin submitting MHN claims for free. Ability also has a special offer for MHN practitioners to submit electronically to all payers who accept electronic claims (over 1600 payers). To set up an account, visit the Ability website.* If you have any questions regarding this offer, please call Ability at 800-548-2890.

Using Emdeon (formerly WebMD)

MHN also accepts electronic submission of both Professional and Institutional claims through Emdeon.

  • If your practice management system uses Emdeon as its clearinghouse, you can submit claims using MHN's payer ID: 22771
  • To find out if your practice management software uses Emdeon's clearinghouse, check with your vendor.
  • For more information about Emdeon services, call (877) GO-WebMD (469-3263) or visit:

Instructions for Non Participating Facilities

Submitting Paper Claims

To submit paper claims, please mail your form to:

MHN Claims
P.O. Box 14621
Lexington, KY 40512-4621

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