Self Management Coaching Group

At MHN, we are always looking for ways to better meet our clients' needs. In response to their requests, we have developed Self Management Coaching (SMC), an anger management intervention group. This group meets telephonically twice a week over a three-week period and uses only three of the employee's EAP sessions. All referrals are made through the employee's manager or supervisor under a Job Performance Referral.

SMC content covers multiple aspects of anger and behavior management including awareness of triggers, arousal control, cognitive restructuring, assertive communication techniques and relaxation exercises that are practiced with every group meeting.

The group's advantages include:

  • Convenience for members
  • Increased confidentiality
  • Standardization of care for anger problems
  • The opportunity for members to focus on similar work issues, as opposed to most community groups which are geared more toward domestic violence

Surveys from managers indicate that they are optimistic about the program having a positive effect on the employee. Results show that 93 percent of the employees return to good standing within the company several months after completing the group. Managers also report that most of the employees are better able to get along with their supervisors and coworkers. The bottom line? SMC works!

If you are a provider for Job Performance Referral assessments, please consider referring any employees with anger or behavior management problems to the SMC group. If you are an employer who would like to make a referral, simply speak to an MHN management consultant and let him/her know that your employee may benefit from this service.