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Member Satisfaction

Receiving feedback from members who have used our services is a crucial part of MHN's Quality Improvement Program. MHN has developed a member satisfaction-outcome survey tool as a primary way to receive this feedback. The results are analyzed, areas of concern are identified, and action plans for improvement are initiated.

Annual Member Satisfaction Survey

This survey consists of 32 satisfaction measures in 5 domains; Outcomes, Customer Service, Providers, Coordination of Care and Access to Care. Results include Commercial satisfaction in CA and OR, Medicare satisfaction in CA, OR and WA and Medi-Cal satisfaction.

Member Complaints

Member Complaints may be filed by contacting a Member Service Representative at the customized toll free number on the member ID card. Complaints are taken very seriously, and all are investigated by MHN. Investigation includes discussing the complaint with the member and with the practitioner. The outcome of complaint investigation varies, depending on the nature of the complaint. Our standard is that complaints be resolved within 30 days. Data acquired through the tracking of member complaints is used for ongoing quality improvement at MHN.