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Putting Your Emotions in Check: Five Ways to Get Something Positive Out of Dealing with Your Emotions

Date: 07/01/22

Emotions come and go throughout the day and are ever changing. We are pleased to share tips to help you channel your emotions into something positive.

Make some noise. Playing an instrument or listening to music can be a healthy way to express your emotions. Music is emotionally charged in its own right and finding comfort or release by listening to your favorite band or a sympathetic song can help you relax and come to terms with whatever emotion you are experiencing.

Get crafty. Using your imagination is a fun and invigorating way to demonstrate your emotions. The great thing about art is that there are endless amounts of ways to express yourself. You can paint, draw, use charcoal pencils, make pottery or color a coloring book. Art allows for increased self-awareness, engagement, learning of new skills or advancing current skills. Get a group together and go to a class to try something new, or simply break out the crayons and get to coloring!

Work it out. Exercising allows you to channel your emotions into something productive- your physical health. Not to mention that because of the physical stimulation, it can help clear your mind. Some exercises, like yoga or Tai Chi allow for both mind and body exercise to release stress and emotions.

Write it down. If you don’t feel like getting crafty, your gym membership has expired, and you don’t feel like talking about your emotions, writing might be for you! This is private time that you can spend on a personal diary or blog to keep track of your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Or take a more creative approach and write a short story based on your experiences. Whatever way you choose, sometimes getting it down on paper and reviewing what you have written is a good way to assess your feelings and help you decide how to handle them.

Pay it forward. Regardless of what mood you’re in, good or bad, it always feels good to help someone else. Creating happiness in others inspires us to be happy and increases our well being. Buy a stranger’s coffee, hold the door open for someone, say good morning to the other people in the elevator – it doesn’t have to be grand gesture, even simple acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day.

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