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Is Therapy for Me?

Date: 05/01/21

Why is therapy recommended for depression? All areas of your life can be impacted by feeling depressed. Therapy is one option for treating symptoms. Many people who take medication for depression find they feel even better when they also participate in therapy. Often people find they need to see the therapist only for a short term.

What happens at therapy? Therapy is more than just talking about your problems. You can learn new ways to think about problems you are experiencing, learn new skills to help cope with life events, and find help in managing feelings such as anger and anxiety.

How do I get started? Making the decision to start therapy can be difficult. Knowing what to expect can help smooth the way. The first appointment generally is to talk with the therapist about your concerns. You and the therapist can decide which areas you will work on, and set up a plan for treatment. You and your therapist will decide how often you will meet.

Isn’t therapy only for people who are seriously mentally ill? Therapy is for anyone who may need extra support in getting through a tough time. Many people experiencing health problems, losing loved ones, or adjusting to a new home, find therapy to be a very helpful experience.

How do I find a therapist? You may feel comfortable talking with your primary care provider first. You can also contact us and ask for assistance in finding a behavioral health provider. We want to help you achieve your health goals!

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