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Five Workout Tips for On-The-Go Women

Date: 03/03/21

Middle aged Woman running in a running trail with a dog

Finding the time, yet alone the energy to workout is a challenge. Whether your day consists of spending hours at work, playing taxi cab for the kids, or as an in-home caregiver, staying active is important to your overall health and happiness. We have put together five tips to help you get some exercise without disrupting your daily routine.

1.    Stand Up. You burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour standing versus sitting. Many offices are trading traditional desks for standing options. Even if your place of business doesn’t offer this, you can find some low-cost desktop lift stations to purchase your own. Use the stand instead sit idea throughout your day – not just at a desk. Have a long conference call? Take it standing. Waiting in the carpool line? Park and stand instead of sitting in the car. Watching your favorite TV show? Try standing for half of it. Added bonus -- standing improves posture and reduces joint stiffness.

2.    Stretch It Out. Stretching is an easy way to loosen your muscles and keep the blood flowing, especially if you are tied to a desk all day or spend a lot of time in the car. While stretching may not burn a lot of calories, it helps increase your range of motion and prevents soreness from being in one position too long. Simple stretches like neck rolls, cross-body arm stretches, and overhead shoulder stretches are all ones you can easily perform at your desk or in the car. Stretching also helps reduce stress and increase flexibility.

3.    Seat Selection. Your everyday average chair is not typically the most comfortable or the most beneficial for your posture. It might take a bit to get used to it, but try using a balance ball instead. A balance ball forces you to sit up straight and maintain balance using leg and core strength. If you have a long conference call or you’re at the table helping kids with homework or crafts, try replacing your normal chair with a balance ball. Add some rocking and twisting motions to incorporate a quick ab workout.

4.    Walk. Easy enough, right? Walking not only burns calories, it can help improve your mood, balance, and coordination. Instead of sending emails, walk to your co-workers desk to deliver your message. Print to a printer on the other side of your floor to encourage a little walk to break up the day. Walk around the block when taking a phone call. Park farther away from the door when you’re out running errands. Grab some friends or coworkers and commit to taking a walk together twice a week. Holding each other accountable will increase your likelihood of following through.

5.    Skip the Elevator. Did you know that you burn more calories climbing stairs than jogging? For every minute going up or down stairs, you expend 5 to10 calories. Taking the stairs also helps develop strength through working multiple muscles simultaneously including your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors. Remember, even small bursts of exercise throughout the day can positively impact your health.

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