Working with EAP Members

When you work with MHN members using EAP benefits, remember:

Solution Focused Techniques are a problem-focused form of individual or family counseling that:

  • seek resolution of problems in living
  • emphasize client skills, strengths and resources
  • involve setting and maintaining realistic goals that are achievable in a brief period
  • encourage clients to practice behavior outside the counseling session to promote therapeutic goals and often include "homework" assignments between sessions
  • use EAP sessions as available within the (limits of the) member's benefits and as clinically appropriate.

If you determine that your client will need services beyond the EAP benefit (i.e. to see a psychiatrist or for outpatient therapy), your discussion of options for future treatment should include consideration of the benefits available to the client and what is covered under those benefits.

There is never a co-payment for EAP sessions!

Finally, in cases where your client will be continuing in treatment with another clinician, please try to assure that the connection with the next treating professional is established (where possible) before terminating your work with your client.