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Quality Improvement Initiatives

Each year MHN develops initiatives as part of an ongoing commitment to quality improvement. This commitment is reflected in our work plan which includes the following activities for improvement:

MHN Quality Improvement Projects for 2020 – 2021:

1. Follow-up after discharge from a behavioral health hospitalization (FUH)

HEDIS Measure: Follow Up After Hospitalization

Goal: Increase the percent of members who attend a follow-up appointment with a behavioral health practitioner within 7 days following their behavioral health hospitalization.


  • HEDIS Outreach Team conducts ongoing phone outreach to all discharged members within 1-2 days after discharge to ensure they have an aftercare appointment scheduled and to encourage attendance.
  • Conduct regular facility visits to improve relationships between MHN and facility treatment teams to provide better care coordination and discharge planning for members.
  • Improve utilization of telehealth services and texting program enrollment for members recently discharged from an inpatient stay for a mental illness.

2. Provider Directory Accuracy

Goal: Increase the percent of current and accurate provider contact information in the MHN Provider Directory.


  • Establish a baseline accuracy rate.
  • Create a provider directory audit tool.
  • Establish routine provider directory audit processes.
  • Establish ongoing quality assurance processes to ensure provider directory accuracy.

MHN Quality Improvement: Ongoing Activities

1. MHN Practitioner Website

Keep website up to date with Quality Improvement information:

  • Post updated Quality Improvement materials to provider website
  • Member and Practitioner satisfaction survey results
  • Quality Improvement work plan and work plan evaluation
  • Quality improvement projects and initiatives

2. Practitioner Newsletter

Publish the MHN Provider Newsletter three times a year to include:

  • Results from the member and provider satisfaction surveys
  • Tips to improve member satisfaction
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Other news items from various MHN departments