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What is Depression?

Date: 06/01/21

What is Depression? Depression is a medical condition that affects a person’s mood, thoughts, behavior and body. It is more than temporary sadness people normally feel when unpleasant or stressful things happen in their lives. Everyone feels sad, blue or edgy for a while. But when a person has depression, these feelings are more intense and long lasting. Life stresses and medical problems can lead to a change in the levels of normal chemicals in the brain. Symptoms and problems include:

• Not sleeping or sleeping too much

• Restlessness

• Unable to focus or make decisions

• Feeling down all the time

• Feelings of worthlessness

• Loss of energy every day

• Not eating or eating too much

• Loss of interest in favorite activities

• Thoughts of suicide

Working with your Doctor It may seem odd to speak to your doctor about emotions, but remember depression is a medical condition. Medical doctors are trained in depression diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor needs to know about your symptoms in order to choose the best treatment for you. Tell your doctor how you are feeling. Ask questions.

Your Wellness Program

In partnership with a therapiest a wellness program is designed to give you the tools to reach your behavioral health goals. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, it is important to understand that mental health is part of overall health. 

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